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Private one-on-one grief counseling via email.

7 days a week. One month at a time. You choose the starting day or we start at the first of each month. I am a Certified Grief Support Specialist and have been since 2017. This is wonderful for people who do not like Zoom, video chat, phone calls. It can be hard for some people to open up about their grief at an in-person session and group support groups in person and online can leave some feeling very drained because they are having to hear others grief stories. This? It's just for you. At the comfort of your own fingertips. From your phone wherever you are: at work, at home, out on a hike....anywhere. From your laptop, home/work computer, or tablet. Get warm, loving support from someone who is both professional and a human being who has experienced deep grief.

"At the heart of real intimacy is a certain vulnerability. It is hard to trust someone with your vulnerability unless you can see in them a matching vulnerability and know that you will not be judged. In some basic way it is our imperfections and even our pain that draws others close to us."

You aren't alone. Support is out there. In a time when prices are rising and rising.....I have lowered mine so it's more affordable to more people.

Your stories and your words are safe with me. Do something good and loving for yourself. You deeply deserve it.

$50.00/month USD

(ask about a discount if you prepay for an entire year of support)

This can also be gifted to a loved one. Ages 18 and up only please. 

VERY limited space available.

Contact me here if you're interested:


Warmth and blessings,

Nik Bonkoski

-Founder of Grief Untamed

Reviews on my work:

"You are such a blessing to others Nik. If you are struggling with your grief, I would highly recommend Nik!!"


“That would be money well spent. Help just when you need it. Not everyone likes zoom or to put themselves out there, so I think this would be ideal, plus the emails could be kept and reread. You are a blessing Nik, a beautiful soul.”


"Thank you for being you, you help so much more than you will ever know I am finally happy with a wonderful fiance and new job. I felt so hopeless at times. You normalized sadness when everyone wanted me quiet."


"What a true legacy and a public service you are doing, Nik..unfortunately out of your own pain you have found strength and have placed in the mind of others to seek help . I applaud you . Well done. What you do is not easy but you do it anyway."


"You are so awesome at what you do. I have never seen a person with such depth of caring and compassionate feelings towards others with this entire subject of grieving and loss. You are a gem in a dark world for many and you are blessed with the gifts of wisdom and understanding to help spread hope like you do."























Thanks! Message sent.

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