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I am offering homeschool mentor sessions for homeschooling Moms. I’ve been homeschooling for 12 1/2 years (yes, it truly starts when you bring your first baby home). My own kids are 12 1/2 (7th grade) and almost 10 (5th grade). We are eclectic homeschoolers.
Another Mom and I started our own year-round weekly homeschool group in March 2015 (it’s still going strong) and I can help you to build your own community through my extensive 8+ experience.

In my personal opinion and experience: it's important if you are brand new or newish (under 4-5 years on this path) to homeschooling to seek out a mentor with years of experience under their belt. The best mentors have at least 10 years experience which means they are confident in their choices and decisions and can pour that confidence into helping you. I have been immersed in this home education lifestyle since 2011. I've read every book you can imagine about: homeschooling, parenting, how children learn, nature and children, and more. I've taught both of my children to read and they are voracious readers and amazing independent learners. 

Now I'm ready to help other moms with something I am so utterly passionate about! 

I can help you with:

*finding classes/activities 
*concious parenting 
*building your own homeschool group
*creating a learning environment at home 
*how to get your kids outdoors year-round *self-care for your own mental wellness 

and I can help build your confidence and guide you to let go of your fears. Homeschooling is nothing more than an extension of parenting. 

Do you want to raise kids who love to learn? 
Kids who love to read? 
Do you hope for family togetherness? 
Dream of more time with your kids? 
Wish for siblings to be best friends? 
Want your children to learn at their own pace? 
Hope for your kids to be outdoors every day? 
Want to raise kind-hearted kids? 
Do you long for kids to grow up with multi-age friends? (this builds compassion/intelligence)
Long for your kids to a get a childhood that lasts into their tween/teen years? 
Desire to raise self-directed learners? 

You are smart enough. 
You are patient enough. 
You love your kids more than anyone can. 
You have their best interests at heart. 

You've got what it takes. Maybe you simply need a helping hand and someone with experience to help guide the way. 


The investment you make in yourself will pay off more than the first curriculum you buy. It’s true. You need a solid foundation in your mind/soul/gut/heart first before you ever purchase a workbook or other for your kids. You are the rock of your home and you need to have a solid knowing of your homeschool mission statement so you can stick with it through the years and say No to anything that doesn’t align with it.

Don’t get caught in the trap of buying every single new curriculum.

Build your own foundation first, Mama. It’s so important.


$25.00/month USD for daily email support 

$50.00/USD for 60 minute phone call 

$75.00/USD for 2 hours in person (within 20 minutes of Rosemount, MN) 

Contact me for schedule/more information:

My homeschooling Instagram to get to know me and my family:

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