Inspiration. Where does it come from?

I believe I went my entire life not truly knowing the meaning of this word....inspiration. IN SPIRIT.




  1. 1.

the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.

Where does inspiration come from? Have you ever wondered? Maybe you haven't. But as a writer you will wonder how you have sat for days wondering what to write about next, and then like a bolt of lightening, an idea fills your heart. It is spirit. It is the universe. It is your angels. It is GOD telling you something. Listen. Run with it so fast before your EGO tells you to turn back.

I watched the movie, "The Giver". I rarely, rarely watch movies but before the sun came up this morning, before my children awoke I was sitting on the couch with my dogs and decided to flip through Netflix. Scrolling, scrolling, scrolling endless titles that mean nothing to me. Romantic comedies? No thank you. War dramas. My heart can't take it. Comedies? No one to laugh with. And then........and then the title lit up. It lit up and flashed at me light an emergency vehicle on the side of the road on a dark, cold, icy night. "The Giver". I didn't even read the description or who the actors were, I just hit play.

I will not ruin the movie for you. I will only first say that it is a much watch for all adult humans. I will only say that I write this with tears streaming into my lap.

The Joy & Pain.

That is exactly what life is about. That is exactly what this moment, what this human experience is about. That is why our souls signed up to come here in the first place. To feel. To

The Joy & the Pain.

One nothing without the other.

Take away all the pain and you will never understand the simple joy of hearing a baby laugh for the first time. Take away the pain of losing someone you love to death and you would never, ever fully know what it felt like to love someone.

We experience pain and our ego tells us that this is not what we "deserve". That we never should feel pain. That our loved one never should have died because they deserved and we deserved........more. How much more? When is it ever enough? Truth. It's not. It's not ever enough.


But we had someone. We had someone, we had something that for a moment in time was beautiful, joyful, loving, and wonderful. And when it's over our ego screams out in denial. But our soul? Our soul knows that this is not the end. That death is an illusion and that we did not "lose" our loved one but that they simply are in another place that we too one day will have access to.


And we can have it again. Our hearts are made to burn and to stretch and to expand and to hurt and to love all over again.

At least?

At least this is what I am inspired to write. At least this is what someone is whispering in my ear to say.


They are out there. Your loved ones, your angels, your higher self and they have to get you to know something somehow. Feeling inspired? Feeling that sudden bolt of lightening to your heart? That racing idea in your head? Grab it. It's yours. Grab it and run with it. Run with it straight into the next chapter of your life.

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