Live like you were dying.

What would you do today if you found out that you only had 6 months to live?

Would you write the book you always wanted to write?

Take a trip to the ocean with someone you love?

Drop the masks and just be yourself?

Stop laughing at jokes that you don't think are funny and start laughing so loud at the ones that are?

Sell your huge house and move into a tiny home?

Visit an old friend?

Go to the party you're always invited to but you skip every year?

Stop working so much and find a way to enjoy your life more?

Tell someone that you love them?

Why do we wait to do these things? Why don't we all live like we are dying? Why are we all so damn sure that we'll grow up, fall-in-love, get our dream job, get married, have kids, and live happily ever after until we're old and grey? How often does that actually happen without any pain inside of those years? How often does that actually happen without grief inside of those years?

People die.

Lovers leave.

Children grow up.

Dreams float away on the breeze and never come back.

One day you wake up and you're 80-years old.

I want to live like I'm dying as much as I can. The death of my best friend rocked my world. It made me so afraid of life. One day we were smiling at each other over the dinner table and a few days later I was running away in tears while they lowered his casket into the ground. Poof. Just like that. He was gone. No more anniversaries. No more laughs. No more hugs. No more late nights drinking cold beers together on our back porch. No best friend to catch me when I fall. Just like that his life ended and he had so many plans. He had so many dreams and so many hopes. He had just bought himself a brand new pair of tennis shoes. He was buried with his dreams, his hopes, and I donated those shoes. There were so many things I never told him. Hundreds of things he never told me.

Now I know we can't all go out and quit our jobs and travel the world.

I know we can't all let go of all of our responsibilities because we are all now going to live like a bus is going to run us over tomorrow.

But those words that are in your heart? Say them. What's the worst that could happen? The person won't feel the same and they will run? You'll survive. You will be ok.

That story in your heart? Write it. Share it. Tell it. Don't die with that story in your pocket.

We can all take small steps to free ourselves a little bit more.

We can all think each day what we would regret if we died tonight? What should we have said to someone? What should we have done? Where should we have gone?

How to live like you're dying?

Do and say whatever is burning to get out of your heart.

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