Why are you afraid of being your creative self? Give your dreams to the Universe.

I want to tell you something if you are called in your heart to lead and live a creative life whether that be as a writer, speaker, spiritual mentor or teacher, artist, photographer, and so on.

When you are afraid of being seen....your body/mind/spirit will do many things to hide you.

You might gain weight as a mode of protection. Yes, your body will gain weight to protect itself emotionally and spiritually.

You might have anxiety over going to social events.

You will worry over and over about putting yourself and your creative work out into the world.

You will constantly self-criticize your work.

Now you might not even realize that you are afriad of being seen. It might be buried so far into your mind that you don't even realize the things you are doing to stay hidden. You will sit around wondering why you so badly want to do this work but you cannot step up onto the stage with full confidence in yourself.

What do you do?

You first need to know that sometimes you're not ready. You think you're ready but your soul or the universe or God is telling you........not quite yet. You have to learn more first. You have to feel these uneasy feelings first and grow from them. You have to take the time to practice your self-love. If you do not fully love and accept yourself.....How can you step out into a wildly creative life and not be phased by criticism? Be patient. Sometimes you are on the right path. This is the life and work for you but you're not personally ready yet to step out into your light. Your work may be ready but if you're not ready? If you're not matched up to the level of our work energetically? Then it's not going to happen. You will feel fear. You will be unsure.

Take the time and do the hard soul work.

Spend your time reading piles, piles of books.

Write in a journal.

Get in nature alone so that you can really hear your thoughts and feel your feelings.

Give your dreams to the universe. Don't attach any needed outcome to them.

Visualize yourself already doing your creative work in the future.

Amazing things happen when you are finally ready in body/mind/spirit to step out onto that stage. The universe will shift things in your life when it knows you and the world are ready for your creative message.

You won't feel fearless.....that's impossible. But you will walk hand-in-hand with that fear and turn it into courage.

You will feel excited.

You will drop the weight with little to no effort.

You will work for hours on your work and you will feel energized, not tired.

You will be flooded with endless new and fresh ideas.

You will meet new people who are on the same path as you, people who can help you build your dreams.

You will step back out into your social life without any worries of others thoughts of you.

I have experienced all of this. I am still experiencing some of this. It's apart of living a creative life that is based on your own talents and gifts.

When your soul is fully ready and the universe thinks the time is spot on?

You will think to yourself, " I am good enough for me. I accept myself as I am right now. I am proud and passionate about my work. People could criticize my creativity or they could rave about it and neither matter because I love my work and that is what matters. I place my self-love, my worth, and my purpose at the feet of the Universe and I say, "This is what I want and even if you never give it to me? Thank you."

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