Woman in the UK shines light on the support, truth, and love needed for people who are struggling wi

I received the following message from a woman in the UK. I am sharing this with her permission. I believe that we all need to hear others stories of life, struggles, and truth. Storytelling is how we heal, learn, and grow.

There are so many people out in the world who are suffering. So many people with hurting hearts due to grief, tragedy, and trauma. So many people struggling with their mental health, their spiritual health, and their physical health.

When it comes to suicide is very much needed to raise money for organizations so they can create programs to help people.

But what else is greatly, greatly needed? Truth. Uncondional Love. Story telling. Radical Authenticity. Connection.

When we are struggling we just want to be heard. We wish for our story to fall on compassionate ears. Yes, sometimes we need guidance, help, protection, therapy, and medical care. And what we always need? We need a real person to hear us, to talk to, to listen, and to send us a hug. We need to hear the truth in all areas in life. The truth ignites a fire in our soul. It warms our hearts. It lights the way for us to find our path to our healing. Without the truth we are walking around in the dark. Our fear of the truth, our resistance to the truth is only blocking us from love. Surrender to love. Accept. Listen.

Reach out your heart today.

Always tell the truth with a brave and kind heart.

Let go of what is creating darkness in your life, step out of fear, and step into love.

Send this woman in the UK your love, support, and grace.

Open your heart and your time to others.

Shine your light always. It just might help guide others. One spark can start a fire.


Nik and the woman in the UK

"I want to send my sorrows to you and your children for the loss of your husband and their Dad. I write as I sit here with tears streaming down my face. I am a mum to an amazing beautiful 6 year old boy. The tears keep streaming as I struggle to see what I am typing, so please bear with me. I read your story and felt I had to message and your post really bought it home to me. I am a 39 years old. I've raised my son since I was pregnant. He sees and has a great relationship with his Dad. But I'm the one who takes care of him daily. I read your story as it's stopping me from doing the exact same thing. I do sit every day plotting of ways to kill myself. See, I am that parent who thinks that my child would be better off. No, it's got nothing to do with being selfish. It's how my mind is and how low I am. It's believing that your self worth is non existent. It's believing that your child would truly be better off without you. The reasons behind it is that I don't feel I am giving my son the love and support and being a good mum to him. I struggle every day to get out of bed. I am constantly crying and miserable. I so want to stop being in this hell. I know that your husband didn't just wake up and decide to take his own life that day, it took planning, it takes time and I do so understand why he did it. It's hell, it's hard to explain to people. I hide alot from what's going on in fear of being judged, talked about, or people have their own lives to get on with. I don't have many friends or family. So I am alone 99% of the time and it's when I am alone I'm at my worst. I have been screaming out for years for help. Only recently did I admit myself to get help only to be sent back home and told I was fine! I have doctors who just want to throw pills at me or now they think I could have ADHD I've been waiting almost two years for a proper diagnosis. I was told by the pros that unless I am at the verge of killing myself that I need to do self help and seek my own ways of getting help. I am currently working with some charity's to help me, but again that takes times. You see there's no prevention for mental health and not enough is being done to help those like myself, your husband or any one else that want to take thier lives. It's not an easy decision to make. It's hard. But we are constantly consumed with the overwhelm feeling and thoughts that play around with our minds. I read your post and it has given me the strength to keep going. I've saved this post and I will read it time and time again, to instill the power to stay alive. I don't want to hurt my son any more than I feel as though I am already doing, but if leaving this world destroys him more than I can ever imagine, then I will fight to stay alive to show him that no matter what happens I will always be around for him. It's because I love my son so much, I want to take my own life as explained for the reason above. Your story has been a real eye opener so thank you. I do truly hope one day you and your daughter finds peace. My heart, soul and thoughts goes out to you. If I can choose not to be this way I would believe me. It's tiring and exhausting having to pretend to the world that your okay!

Thank you so so much for replying, I expect you have had many stories like mine. Please do share, I think if it help just someone like you did me, then let's try to put out more awareness over mental health issue. Thank you once again and I am so sorry for your loss. You should be proud as you have stopped many taking their lives and you have stopped a little boy being broken hearted. Thank you. You are strong and amazing. X x"


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