Woman, it's time to step out.


It's time to step out of your fear.

Step out of your worries.

Step out of your thoughts. The thoughts you have that are creative, strong, loving, and authentic? Follow those. The rest? The dark thoughts, fears, worries? Set them down on the side of the road and walk away.

Step out of what others think or say about you. Nothing anyone says about you is actually about you. It's about their perception of you. It's about the way they view the world. It's about their life experience, trauma, pain, and fears. Do you know who you are in your heart? Then that's all that matters. I tell my daughter this every single day.

Step out of feeling like your body isn't beautiful or good enough.

Step out of feeling inadequate as a Mother because you are constantly watching what other Mom's are doing. You are the best Mom for your kids. You are what they need. Focus on yourself and your children and not the Mom that you think has it all together because I assure you.....she doesn't.

Step out of your family trauma. You are not what your parents did or said to you. You are not your family tree's past trauma. Find ways to release and heal that trauma, forgive, and move forward. Does forgiveness always mean reconcilliation? No. It's your choice. But forgiveness will free you, unleash you, unbind you, untether you.

Step out of your house and get into Mother nature. Nature heals. Nature teaches. Nature might be where you find your connection to God, the universe, divine energy, loved ones who have died, your angels.


It's time to step out.

Step out and unleash your unique voice.

Step out of thinking your circle of friends must be large and booming. Keep your circle small and authentic and watch your life change and grow.

Step out of the fear of homeschooling your children if you feel called to do so. You, Mama have the knowledge, strength, love, and grace to guide your own children in their learning journeys.

Step out of thinking that your partner or spouse can give you everything you need. You need to have your own full self-love and spiritual awareness first and their love only beautifully enhances that.

Step out and know that no one will save you when your life falls apart. You will save you. Get yourself to the library and find your way to your healing through others words.

Step out from thinking that you have to be married or in a relationship to be whole. You are whole. Beautifully, authentically love and whole just as you are in this moment.

Step out from thinking that you need piles of schooling and degrees to be able to share your voice and heart with the world. Some of the greatest artists, leaders, spiritual mentors, and more have no degrees under their belt. They have life experience and wisdom that no book can give you. They took on their own learning through reading books. They do their work for years before they get paid to do it because they are sure and knowing that their gifts are something the world needs.

Step out from following the crowd and go your own direction. If you follow the crowd you may never go further, you may never find your own unique path.

Step out from needing anyone's approval to follow your own soul's dreams. If you have to ask your partner if you can do the work that you feel called in your heart to do? Evaluate why you have to ask permission to do what is right for your soul.

Step out from the need to change your body and beauty for others to like you, accept you, love you. We were each created perfectly. Accept your body and your own unique beauty and you will be free to put your focus on other things in your life like other people, your family, and your life's work.

Step out of the thought that you have to be a certain age to do a service to the world. You have a creative idea? That idea was given to you for a reason. Don't waste it or it will float away to some other womans creative mind.

Step out of talking about your weight and size.....especially in front of your young daughters (and sons). Talk about how your legs are strong and can hike mountains. And your belly has a roll because it birthed children or because it loves to meet people and eat the food they offer. Talk about what you love about your body. Feed your body with love. Whether or not you can wear a bikini to the pool? Who cares. There are much more important things in this world and lifetime to focus on.

Step out of the idea that you cannot be a Mother and follow your hearts calling. There is no "work-life" balance. There is only life. We take it day-by-day and if it's meant to be than it finds it's own flow. Some days are wild and crazy and some days everything falls into place. Your gifts, your talents? Don't put them on the backburner. They matter. They could help to shape and change the world.


It's time to step out.

It's time to stop hiding.

Stop hiding behind drinking too much at a party because of your anxiety.

Stop dating emotionally unavailble men/women or men/women that need you to heal them.

Step out of the thought that you are broken.

You are not broken.

Yes, hearts feel broken but you are whole. You are beautiful just as you are. You are worthy and of great value to this world and to your core family.

It's time to step out and get on a trail, sit by a creek, gather around a fire with other women.

Share your stories. Share your hearts.

Every woman should have other women friends and mentors in their lives that are of all ages.

Step out of your comfort zone.

Step out of your own house and be of service to the world through your art, your writing, your talents and gifts.

Womanhood is a journey and it is best lived through connecting to your soul.


It's time to step out.

Step away from the chattering of others telling you that you and your dreams are not unique and won't work out.

Follow your soul.

Follow the trail that the universe is laying out for you day-by-day.

Share your gifts with the world.


We are here on this earth to be nurturing, loving, kind, and brave.

We are here to be mothers, friends, daughters, sisters, wives, partners, and more.

Step out of your house today. Bring along a little blank notebook and a pen. Sit by a stream or in a city park with tons of trees. Shut off your phone. Listen. Write down what you hear.


It's time to step out.

Step out and show the world the true worth of a woman.

Love and blessings,

Nik Tebbe

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