Spread sunshine & love until the cynics need new shades.

I used to be cynical. Really cynical.

And then the universe ripped the rug out from under me and left me alone with trauma in my heart and that cynicism started to fade. The judgements that I used to make of other people no longer made any sense to me. Yes, we all judge others because this is often how our minds figure out ourselves.......but there's nothing like a big awful tragedy to rip the cynicism and critical attitude right out of your heart.

Love everybody.

Why not?

No, not the abusers, the users, the toxic people who are are a mission to tear you apart. Stay clear from them. Don't invite them to dinner or into any part of your heart but yet send them universal love from afar because they are human too but no, you don't have to let them into your personal space and no, what they do/say has nothing to do with you and everything to do with them.

There are people in the world who don't like hearing about love all of the time. They are tired of hearing truths they don't feel or believe and they wonder why in the world some people continue to spread sunshine when the world can feel so cold and dark.

Keep spreading love.

Keep spreading sunshine.

Does it cure the pain?

Does it take away our trauma or fix our grief and broken lives?

Does it put money in the bank, food on the table, or trustworthy relationships in our path?

No. Maybe. Probably not. But I would much rather be a person willing to see past people's faults, and the wrong things they say, and their shortcomings.....and love them still.....then to be a closed off person who is judging everyone and pondering the nothingness out in the beyond. It feels good to spread love. It feels crappy to be cynical and judgemental all of the time.

Life is so much simpler than we sometimes think it is.

It doesn't require us to have endless philisophical conversations about the meaning of life, human behaviour, and so on. Even though...yes, I am a person who craves this type of conversation with loving people around a campfire. But it's not required for me to spread love and sunshine. Sometimes life is as simple as putting down all of our endless judgments and deep thoughts and just doing......just putting love into action through knowing that we are all human and those of us that spread love? We do so because some divine energy was a flickering light in our darkness and we don't tell you that for comfort but for knowing. Knowing that even when you feel are not. Life has meaning and love is the reason we are all here. We aren't here to endlessly figure out why we're here........even though often you will find out why you're here after a big tragedy in your life........we are here to love each other and to enjoy the beauty of life.

I spread love, truth, and sunshine.....why? After everything I've been through and still go through.....why? Because I know what it feels like to hate yourself. I know what it feels like to feel all alone surrouned by so many people. I know what it feels like to hear voices that tell you that you are worthless and purposeless and should just jump off the bluff. People need love. They need love to grow. They need love to breathe. When we block loving others and talking about positive topics and spreading warm sunshine..........are we blocking our own self-love? Something to ponder on today.

Life is brutal and unfair and confusing and awful sometimes. A lot of the time for many people. But you can still love them, yourself, and others. You can fully know that sometimes life is shit and dark and bleek and yet know that love just might save someone's day.

Keep spreading love because love is hope and when we let go of hope....everything goes dark, we fall off the bluff and we can't hear the good music anymore.

Spread sunshine and love until the cynics need new shades. Until they too give up their judgements and make the radical choice to just love everybody always.

Love, Nik

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