Life has no balance

Life has no balance.

The balance is within you.

If you are off balance within your own soul then another can easily anger you, upset you.

If you are off balance within your own heart then you are wobbling through your days always questioning your next turn, always unsure of what it is you want from today.

Life has no balance.

It isn't possible to balance it all........Parenthood, career, life....hope.

Something has to give. And that's ok.

Let the ball drop.

Let the plates crash.

The balance has to be within you.

It's within your acceptance and knowledge that you can only do so much in one day, in one year, in one lifetime.

The balance has to be within you.

Everything worth fighting for in this life will unbalance you.

Love, kids, marriage, friendship, career....your soul's will unbalance you at some point.

You will be walking along on a beautiful day thinking you are juggling all of the plates and then you will hear a voice that says, "Dear one, drop the plates. Let them crash. Choose one or two things today that really matter to your heart. You can't do it all. You can never finish it all or have it all. It's day by day. The balance doesn't exist outside of you. It exists within your acceptance, peace, and breath."

Find the balance that is inside or your soul.

Find the balance within God's love and acceptance of you.

The balance that allows you to feel content with not being able to juggle everything every day.

The balance that knows that life is not a race and you will get done what you can get done.

The balance that realizes that keeping your own heart joyful, graceful, and loving is the only balance that you need.

The dog needs walking and the kids need hugging and the work needs doing so leave the dishes in the sink, put away the to-do list, and stop making yourself feel guilty for not doing it all. Doing it all isn't possible. It isn't even necessary for a content and fulfilled life.

The people meant to be in your life will understand if they are true and loving.

A load will lift in your heart when those plates crash to the ground.

Get outside into the fresh air.

Your life will only crash if you are unbalanced within your own soul.

Keep going. Keep shining.

Learn when to rest and most importantly learn and practice how to listen to your own soul and not always need the guidance of others.

The guidance is there on the breeze. Listen.

Love always....your friend, Nik

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