It's only heavy if you carry it.

It's only heavy if you carry it.

There are some events that happen in our lives that change us from the inside out.

Sometimes....we carry that load and we make it look so easy to others. And we want to scream, "Just because I carry it well doesn't mean it isn't heavy."

We want to yell this because they cannot see what goes on behind the scenes of our life.

We long to yell this because, friends? Trauma isn't something that only happened in the lives inside of us. It stays in our nervous system and it longs to be acknowledged and given love.

The past burns.

The past is a heavy load to carry.

We might not be able to heal all of our trauma since it literally lives inside of our bodies but we can set down the past and walk forward.

It's only heavy if you carry it.

You don't have to carry certain aspects of your pain and your story along with you on the road.

You are free to set it down.

You are free to build a new life.

You can choose who you surround yourself with.

It's only heavy if you carry it.

The heavy parts?

Set them down on the side of the road and leave them there.

There's so much about our painful past that we carry with us and it just plays over and over in our minds. There is no fixing the past or making it different. It's heavy because it doesn't belong on your back anymore, dear friends.

I carried so much of my painful story with me for so long. Until one day.......I heard God say, "Set down the load, dear child. It's only heavy because you carry it."

Friends, you are not what happened to are not what others did to you. You are not broken or unlovable because someone abandoned you. You can set down some of that load and you can build a beautiful new life. Set down the parts that are too heavy to carry.......tell others your story so they can see the load you carry which makes the load lighten so very much.

I send all of my extra prayers to all of you every single day.

I pray that you heal from things you will never get an apology for. I know what it feels like to not get an apology after something knocked you down so almost didn't survive. You don't need that apology to move forward in your life. That apology doesn't carry your healing.

Set it down.

It's only heavy if you carry it.

All my endless love and dedication.

Your friend, Nik

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