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Broken people are not fragile

Broken people are not fragile.

That's the irony.

People that have been through extreme and catastrophic trauma?

They aren't fragile like a flower.

They are fragile like a bomb.

We choose our strength after going through a major storm.

We choose to set off on a healing journey and to not lock ourselves away forever.

Are we fragile? More fragile than a human who hasn't gone through a catastrophe that now lives in their nervous system and in their bones? Yes. Yes we are fragile to those that we love and care deeply about. We are fragile to their words and actions. And yet....

to the rest of the world we are not fragile. We are stronger than most could ever imagine or hope and pray to be. We are strong because we've walked out of those flames and we started completely over from scratch. Completely over with nothing at all but our own souls desire to fight for the life, light, and joy that we deserve.

When you've walked through a storm that you didn't start?

You are never, ever going to let someone put you through that again. You are strong. You build boundaries like a magical boundary building super hero. The words and actions of the world can't get to you....not really....and not because you've blocked it all out or are attached in a toxic way to letting things bounce off of you.

It doesn't get to you because you have made the choice to be strong. You have made the choice to never fall in the pit again.

And true strength, true grit, and true bravery? Is when a broken person opens their heart to others. Opens their heart to help others and to share whatever they have to share even if it's only a smile on the street or a hug for a stranger.

Getting so tough that you no longer have empathy or compassion is not strength.

That is someone who is very, very fragile like a flower.

Find the tools and people and resources to set you on a healthy healing journey.

Know that healing will be lifelong. Know that it will be hard...again and again and again your wounds will open, bleed. Open, throb. Open and heal deeper layers.

Be fragile like a bomb.

Ready to explode with LOVE, COMPASSION, and STRENGTH for yourself and those that touch your life.

Love always, Nik

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