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Crawl inside of the wound

Crawl inside of the wound.

This too shall pass.

You don't always have to be striving.....reaching towards total and complete healing.

Crawl inside of the pain.

Open your eyes.

Sit and look with an open and loving heart at the ugliness you have endured.

Watch the flames as they burn what you knew to ashes.

Don't look away.

There is healing inside of the truth.

Some days.....

You must give up.

Give up on healing your trauma.

It cannot be your job every single moment of your life.

Not when there is a blue sky outside waiting for you.

Not when there is good coffee to drink with a friend and laughter to hear from your own belly.

Allow yourself to live.

You are not a project.

You are a human being.

Crawl inside of the wound and take a good look at it every once-in-awhile.

Submit to the love that longs to heal you.

The love for yourself that resides in your own soul.

Stop trying to fix and correct yourself to fit perfectly in line with those who have never endured what you have had to carry.

You aren't like them.

You do not have to polish off your rough edges and dark places to fit in.

Wear your pain like a crown.

Step up out of the ashes of all that burned around you......

You are the phoenix.


You are yourself.

It's all you ever needed to be.

Love always, Nik


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