Heal through writing

"Heal through writing" Pen Pal course is something I started doing a couple years ago. It's a 3-week grief support via email. If you are looking for one-on-one support...if you can articulate your thoughts and emotions better through writing than through speaking.....keep reading.

Reviews: "Cannot thank you enough, are my new lifeline in a time when I find myself doubting my strength to carry the load.... it just becomes so exhausting, in a way I never knew existed."

"What you're doing is really so wonderful and helping so many hurting people."

"You truly are so awesome. I'm so glad I stumble upon your profile. You have helped me so much in these past few months of grieving."

"I want you to know that I am beyond grateful for meeting you even if just in cyberspace as your positive attitude and your light shine so brightly."

I talk to people about all types of grief: death, divorce, loss of pet, loss of partner, loss of job, life changes, and more. I'm here to hold your hand, gift you my professional guidance and personal experience, and wrap you in warmth and hope each day. This is not a replacement for therapy but is a unique, safe, and simple way to get your hand held through a hard time in your life. I can't fix your grief but I can shower you in warmth, compassion, and the knowledge that you will make it through this. Each day for 3 weeks you can email me every single day and I will respond with my knowledge, wisdom, heart-centered advice and warm love. Cozy up in your favorite chair with a cup of tea or coffee and write to me, "Dear Nik," ....write to me the things you can't say to family or friends because they shy away from your pain.....write to me your deepest grief and I will help you to find ways to transform those emotions into something new. I am not only a grief professional sitting across the computer reading your words and typing you back professional advice. I am a real person who has experienced great loss. I have felt those grief feelings of thinking your heart is literally breaking and crying yourself to sleep and feeling so very alone. I haven’t only studied grief....I’ve lived through it. I'm both, dear ones. Professional and human. And I know the healing power of writing and connection because it's one of the ways I soothed my own grief many times.

My heart is with you today. One-on-one Grief support can help you through and writing can open up your heart and release some of what you hold inside. I want you to know you are thought of and loved. You are not forgotten and there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. You are not alone...we reside under the same moon.

"Your words help so many people, so many souls...people need to relate, to be understood...aching hearts and minds struggle to make sense of their experiences, to put thoughts into words or convey the depths of their despair and loss. You Nik, are the beautiful ray, the warm sun, the clear air after a thunderstorm. You are able to give a voice to feelings and through those words, it’s easy to feel the love you bestow."

Love always, Nik Bonkoski

-Grief support specialist, Writer, Spiritual Mentor

Email: for details & cost

This can be gifted to a loved one.

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