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Life after widowhood

Life after widowhood Masterclass by Certified Grief Support Specialist: Nikki Bonkoski

This is especially fitting for women ages 20-70 who have suddenly become widowed and are looking for guidance on life after the loss of their spouse.

What you will learn:

*How to heal your heart *How to grieve in healthy ways *Books to read to help you heal *How to express your emotions *How to find yourself again *How to jumpstart your life *How to build connections *How to switch from a "Why me?" mindset to a "I don't like that this happened but I'm worthy of living forward." mindset *How to rediscover your hobbies/interests/dreams *How to listen to your intuition *How to find your faith again *How to find your inner strength *How to start dating *How to get your personal paperwork organized *How to take your first road trip by yourself *How to rediscover your calling and who you are *How to live a life of purpose *How to honor the memory of your spouse while living forward *How to find happiness and joy again

You will learn all of this from me via email. I was widowed suddenly when I was 35-years old after 9 years of marriage (12 years and 2 children together). I remarried in 2019 and moved to a new town. You deserve a second chance at happiness-whatever that means for you!

I teach other women how to live forward and love their life again after the loss of a spouse. I am a Certified Grief Support Specialist, Spiritual Mentor, and Writer based in Minnesota-USA.

This Masterclass will be divided into 3 sessions completely via email. Friday December 1st 2023

Friday December 8th 2023

Friday December 15th 2023

Cost is $50.00 USD.

How to sign up? Email: with your full name and email address *Place "Life after widowhood" in the email subject line

I look forward to sharing my widowhood experience, learned wisdom, knowledge, grief education, and heart with you.

Warmth and blessings, Nik


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