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Life is short...except..

Life is short. Except when you're struggling...then it seems like each day ticks by as if you are underwater and cannot reach the surface. Life is short. Except I keep this from my children. They are only children after all and they need to believe that life is wide open and long and lasting. I have walked this earth for 44 years and I have learned that life is both: Terrible and wonderful. Joyful and painful. Happy and sorrow filled. I have walked this earth for over 4 decades and I have learned that people are good and bad. Broken and beautiful. And yet....I keep this from my children. They are only children after all and they deserve to see blue skies and laughter, puppies running into the sunset, and love...only love. Life is short. So much of the world is terrible. So much of the world is.....wonder filled. Life is simply not designed for only...happiness. It is designed for LIFE. And life contains within it's bones: Struggle. Overcoming. Loss....of people, dreams, and our health. Booming laughter. Pain....yours and mine. Adventure. Warm hugs. Rising above. Always rise above. Always know that a sunshine day will come after a day where you cannot get up out of bed. A day where the darkness consumes you, the voices lie to you, or your own health rattles you. Life is short. It goes by so quickly when your hair is whipping in the wind while you smile at your children playing in the lake. And many of the days...your days...are stolen from you because of others choices... And yet.... And yet... We keep going even though the world is half terrible and half wonder filled. We keep spreading love in the darkness because we can change this place if we try. We stand up to the duty to share. Share our art. Share our writing. Share our poetry and prose and our wounded hearts. Life is short. Protect your peace and your healing. Cross the street when you see people who are toxic to your soul and yet know this: They don't own you. They don't define you. Don't let them shrink you and hide you away. You stand tall. Even though life is short. You stand brave.....even though you carry so much pain. Life is both: beauty and struggle, pain and boundless laughter.... and I do tell this to my children in loving and mindful ways because I want them to be strong hearted. I want them to live with their hearts and eyes wide open to it all. To all of this LIFE that we were gifted. The pain and happiness and all.

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