Protect your peace from COVID-19

Take this time to look inward. Turn inside of your own heart. Breathe. Corona virus is revealing all of us no matter if it has touched our bodies yet or not. No matter what we believe about this virus? It is pushing to the surface of our skin:

Our deep wounds. Our Ego's. Our deep seeded fears. Our anger. Our negativity. Our selfishness. Our cynicism.

We can allow the fear to overcome us and take us down or we can go inside of ourselves and choose our natural positivity. We can use this time to argue over truth and facts and articles and "What is really happening in the world." We can spew hate and get into fights and think we are right and others are wrong.... OR, We can choose compassion. We can model empathy. We can hold our own personal truths up high inside of our own hearts without laying that onto other people.

Yes, if you came to this earth to shine your LIGHT? If you are a Light worker, way maker, change starter, healer? Your knowledge and light is needed and yet be very careful about what you are posting on social media at this time. Check yourself before you post... Is this helpful? Is this kind? Will others even understand what I am talking about or should I hold this information close to me and offer it to anyone who personally asks for it? Is this loving? Is this necessary? Will my message get through the worlds filters right now or should I be calm and wait? What is hidden under my Ego's need to be right?

Am I checking my privilege? If my entire world was taken from me.....If I lost my safe and warm home, ALL of my finances....If I were left on the side of the road and I had no home, no money, no vehicle....Would my truths and words I want to share still ring as my truth? Or would my mind change? Would my wisdom shift or my focus become different because I was stripped of my daily needs and comforts? If I was put into survival mode?

Now is a time to go deep inside of your soul. I know the energy is wild right now. I feel it too. It's coursing and rising and raging and dark and light and it's strong. Breathe. Get outside. Write in a personal journal .....paper diary or online. Take a hot bath. Step away for a moment. Unfollow and unfriend on social media if you need is a time of great and deep cleansing in our lives.

Everything is being brought to the surface. Everything is being revealed within ourselves. Use your time to spread more LOVE on the people in your your home.

No matter what you personally believe.....Use this time to protect the community that you love. Be respectful and mindful of others real fears.

If you are watching and following the news? Make sure you are not only watching the news in your state, your country, but all world news too. It will keep your knowledge up to date. It will keep your compassion in check. It will help you to see that Corona is global and it's revealing much about the entire world. Make sure you are paying close attention the freedoms you hold dear.

I have many ideas, truths, and feelings about what is happening in the world right now. But I know that all of that information is not going to be received or absorbed in a good way to very many people at this time. I know that I can't teach others when they are stuck in fear mode. So, I hold it in my heart. I keep those articles and posts and writings to myself. I write it all down so I can share it when I believe the world is ready. I am holding onto a lot of my writing right now and keeping it private in my own journals because I need time to sort through it and make sure it's what I want to put out into the world. I'm not here on this earth to hurt or offend call anyone "crazy" or "stupid" for what they believe that is not the same as what I believe. Now is a good time to go within. Go for more walks in nature. Journal your thoughts and opinions and ideas. Cook wonderful food. Read piles of books. Pour extra warm love onto the people in your family....and onto yourself. Be kind to your body. Be loving to your mind.

Protect your peace, dear ones. Stop mindless scrolling. Stop numbing your soul.

You don't need to watch the news 24 hours a day.

Your life is fluid and you are alive in this moment. Breathe deeply. Protect the loving and positive energy inside of your home. Be mindful. Do not allow fear to overtake you. You are loved by God, the universe....the stars in the cosmos delight at the sound of your sacred name. Protect your heart. Protect your castle (the castle is YOU)

Seek high vibration activities each day. We cannot control everything that is happening in the world. We can connect to our inner worlds.

We can prepare ourselves for our new future. We can protect our core family. We can remember that our actions and words reflect onto our children.

Protect your peace from COVID-19.

Clear out any old or negative energy that you need to.

Know that there are thousands of things that could end your life each day....don't allow that fear to overcome you and make your heart fall ill.

Stay safe. Stay brave. Have deep and lasting courage.

In light and raging LOVE, Nik Bonkoski


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