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Send love to your old self.

I wonder if my old self knows how much I love her. I wonder if she knows how hard I’ve worked to heal all the trauma she went through. I hope she knows that she didn’t deserve any of that pain and I wish she could see me now. The old me is always in my heart because she’s the tough cookie who got me through everything. I hope that wherever she is now she can feel the future pulling her forward. I hope she knows she is loved.....and that God has a purpose for her life that is greater than her wildest dreams. She has no idea how much her perseverance will shine around the world to help others stay. I hope she knows that I don’t want to ever go back.....but that I’ll always be pulling both of us onward into the light. Send love to your old self, dearest friends. You’ve gotten through all that tried to tear you down so be good to yourself. Treat yourself with big authentic love and that love will vibrate back in time to help the old you on the day everything shattered. I love you, friends. Here’s to moving into year 7 of my writing journey. I’m so grateful to you for being along for the ride.

Love always....your friend, Nik Bonkoski

To those who feel touched by my work and my words, thank you for helping me to keep my writing, ministry, and free support groups 100% online so I can reach people all around the world. Thank you for seeing the value in what I do!


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