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Sprinkle kindness today….

What would you do if you had one day left to live?

Go wild? Eat tons of junk food, ride a rollercoaster, hit up a toy store and spend all your money?

What did Jesus do?

What did he do when he knew he had one day left to live?

He washed feet.

Dearest friends,

We all have struggles.

So many of us have something in the past that wounded us so deeply.....we will never "get over it".

Some are dealing with health issues or the death of a loved one. Friendships lost and careers destroyed.

Everyone....everyone you pass today is dealing with something. Everyone.

What have I found to be the most healing thing in my life?

Service to others.

Yes....say it out loud to yourself. Roll it around in your mind.

Service to others. Your life is your ministry. Your heart and kindness is your service to others.

God doesn't call us to show off what we do for others. Be secretly incredible in your very own neighborhood, in your own community, in your own family.

Friends, service to others can mean loving the people in your own home. It can mean reaching out to people in your circle, your community....your own neighborhood. It doesn't have to be some big social media post. It can be you....stepping outside of your own "stuff" and helping someone else by bringing them some food or just sitting with them over a cup of coffee and listening to their stories.

The point? Love people. Always. And love them today as if it's the very last day of your life. Be remembered for washing feet.....not for throwing stones.

Often...we hold onto old hurts indefinitely. We just won't set them down. Can anyone make us "let go" of the past? Nope. Can any therapist or counselor fix us to where we say, "Wow! They erased that wound from my mind! I feel free!" Friends, No. It's up to us. The power is in your own mind, your own heart. Set down the past or it can and will destroy your heart and take down the goodness that you have in your life.

It's up to you if you hold onto your wounds so tightly or you sprinkle forgiveness and love on them and move forward.

Live each day as if it's your last day on this beautiful earth.

Don't go wild and make your last day all about yourself.

Go wild and make it about loving others.

Get out there and turn your hands and heart out to someone else and watch it heal your wounds, watch it grow your compassion, watch it change your heart and brighten up your life. Nothing else has the same power to help you with whatever you carry with you. Nothing else has the same power to get you to set down your own traumas and pains and live forward.

The enemy loves when we stay hyper focused on who and what hurt us. Don't allow the darkness to win, dear friend. Wash the feet of the pain that hurt you and will see that person as human....just like you.

Take it from me.....a wounded woman who heals through service to others, time in nature, and opening her heart to God.

Warm up someone else's heart today, friends.

Fill their cup up with ......LOVE.

Tip extra for your coffee.

Smile at strangers.

High five little kids.

Help a Mom at the checkout struggling to hold her baby.

Bring cookies to your neighbors.

Wave at the mail person.

The holidays are hard for a lot of folks.

Sprinkle kindness everywhere you go.

Love always, Nik

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Reach out, dear ones. My heart is yours. I answer all of your emails. Your story is safe with me. If you have something you're struggling with today and need love and warmth poured onto you? Write to me and I'll absolutely write back. You are not alone. I'm here and I care about YOU.


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