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Step into the next page of your story.

Dear ones,

Time doesn't heal all wounds but time does take care of so many things.

There is no right or wrong answer to any question about grief or trauma or tragedy.

Sometimes time does heal the wounds.....sometimes, it does not.

Sometimes it does get worse before it gets better and couldn't possibly get any worse.

Sometimes things happen for a great cosmic reason and sometimes really brutal things happen to really great people.

Time can take care of so many heavy things. Things you thought you would have to carry and work on to heal and if you just set them on the shelf for a few months...a few years....they have a way of taking care of themselves. The tick tock of the clock makes them fade into the wallpaper and sometimes.....they disappear into another dimension and you don't have to dust them on the shelf anymore.

Time can take care of so many things.

Sometimes grief will never heal and sometimes most of it does heal and we move forward.

All in time, dear friends.

Breathe. And remember....You are still alive.

Let time drift you further away from the past if that's what you need to heal and live again.

Don't allow the painful past to creep back into your heart....don't allow it a place in your new and healed life. Don't answer the phone when it calls because it has nothing, nothing new to say.

Some pains and tragedies cannot be healed with words. There's no way to talk through it and make it any better. It was was horror and the only way to heal and live again is to set it on the shelf and let time work it's secret magic.

Leave the past in the past.

Live for today.

Be grateful when the sun hits your face and stop trying to fit yourself back into who you were before.

Look in the mirror and love who you are today.

Time has made you beautiful.

Time has gave you a new perspective on the pain.

Time has helped you to inhale and exhale.

Pick up all the pieces that were left behind, build a new castle, and keep those walls and boundaries high to protect what you have built.

Stop dusting off the past and leave it on the shelf. Some things need the hands of time to work on don' have to carry the heavy load every day to get to your healing.

Wash your face, trust God, and step into the next page of your story with grace.

Love always, Nik

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