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Take your wounds to Jesus.

Updated: May 1, 2022

We need to stop taking our wounds to each other and take them to Jesus.

Another human being can only heal your wounds so much.

They can say, "I'm sorry." and that will only heal your wound so far.

This is why so many people carry pain around for decades and then it gets passed on to the next and the next generation.

Take your wounds to God.

Take your pain to the One who created you.

The One who LOVES you more than any human being ever could.

Lay your wounds and your pain and your bitterness at His feet and watch him wash it all away.

Evil loves to trick us.

Evil prays on our weaknesses and our bitterness and our deep, deep pain.

Evil seeps into our world and tries to tell us to bow down to each other to get relief from our wounds.

Evil is never trying to help you heal.

We need to stop taking our pain to the ones who harmed us. They do not have the power to fully heal us and wash it all away.

Only God has that power.

The power of true and lasting unconditional LOVE.

I say this with tears dripping onto my keyboard, dear ones.

I say this with my own proof that this is truth.

I tried over and over to take my trauma and wounds to the ones who wounded my heart and I was still left with remnants of bitterness and pain. The same story played out over and over in my mind.

And then I laid it all at God's feet and I said,

"Please, God. Take away this pain. Heal these wounds. Free me from my bitterness. I cannot live and be the person you want me to be with all of this inside of me."

And Jesus saved me.

And that's the honest truth.

And I can stand up and say this to the world without shame or embarrassment because truth is truth. It's my story and I own it.

Pray for those who have hurt you, mistreated you, wronged you, abandoned you.

No human can fully heal you and take away what hurts inside of you.

Only God can do that.

Only God can do that.....

We need to all take our pain and our wounds and our struggles and our trauma and our bitterness to God.

The only One who can wash it all away.

If we ALL took everything to God today.....laid it all at His feet and asked for healing...What would our world look like tomorrow?

The answer to our trauma and our deep pain isn't demanding each other to heal it.

Jesus is the answer.

LOVE is the cure.

Love always, Nik

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