Hi, I'm Nikki Bonkoski

Welcome to my work as a writer, Christian spiritual mentor, and grief support specialist.  I have been doing this work since 2015 and my writings and teachings have spread globally. I believe in truth, radical authenticity, and spreading information to help people grow. I will spend my life teaching others about God's love.  I hope you resonate with my message that I channel through my life experience, learned wisdom, and warm heart and soul.


I am passionate about nature, self-love, spiritual knowledge, mental wellness, and living my very best life no matter what I endure along the way. Life hasn’t cheated me. I cheat my own life if I give up and don’t follow my calling to share my heart. I hope my words resonate with you and through my wisdom you find guidance. 

God rescued me, forgave me, and redeemed me and because of that I chose to change my life. I am following my life-long calling to write. I don't ask God for answers anymore. I have lived long enough and been through enough to know that for me? Every lost road led me back to my own heart. Every tragedy raised me up higher and brought me to where I was supposed to be. I don't ask God for answers anymore. I wake up every single day and I say, "Lead me. Lead me to the places and people that are meant for my life. Show me the way. Show me. I trust you." I don't need to know why things happened because they did happen and that's all I need to know. I'm not trying to figure out the mystery of life or asking God for all of the answers. I only say, "Help me through. Stay by my side. Lead me." God has a plan for my life. And a lot of it has been messy and some of it so painful you can't even begin to touch that emotion and I don't know why God leads my boots in the direction that they go but standing here today? 
I know that this is where I am supposed to be. It all happened for a reason. And I'm not meant to endlessly ask "Why?" I am meant to say, "Yes" when presented with the challenge of leading others with my loving ministry. Dear ones, I don't know why your loss or your tragedy or your pain happened to you. I only know that surrendering the questions will bring you a lot of peace. 
God isn't asking me to live inside of yesterday. God is giving me new life, new breath....new everything...every single day and all I have to do is say, "Yes and thank you." I am exactly where I am meant to be. Emotionally, physically, mentally, and geographically. 

God led me here and I'm not asking "why" anymore. 

I am only going to continue to show up and say, "Yes." Even when it's hard. Even when I don't understand. Because God has gotten me this far. And that is no small feat after all I have endured on this earth. 

I am going to make sure that I am not distancing myself from Jesus. And it's not a magical cure. And it's not taking the responsibility for my life off of me to "easily" place it onto a Savior.

I'm putting my trust in Jesus because it's His pure and raging LOVE that has gotten me to where I am meant to be so I'm going to trust in His path for my life because every time I have tried to step off of it in my 40 some years on this earth? I've lost a little bit of who I really am and I'm not going to do that anymore. 

This is me. Take it or leave it. Follow or unfollow. I'm not asking God why anymore....
I'm following the call I hear on the wind because every time I do? It leads me to exactly where my heart is meant to be. 

I tried for years to find contentedness, authentic joy, and healing through Yoga, Mindfulness, Hiking, and Meditation and while these things helped me greatly (and still do), nothing brought me the freedom and peace I was seeking like that I found within God's loving truth. I see now that I had to go through thinking that I didn't believe in God to then thinking that the Universe had my back to then coming to the full knowing that it was in fact God that was the rock at the bottom of my storm. It was God that had my back all along. It was a painful and lonely journey that I had to endure so that I could step into my calling. 

There is a beautiful light inside of you that can never be bent, bruised, or shattered. I believe that we all have the ability to rise through any trials or struggles in our life with grace, joy, and God's everlasting LOVE. We can learn to live our daily lives from a place of conscious love. We can totally transform our outlook by leaning into our faith. 

Dear friends, God speaks to us through complete strangers. They need our words....and in turn...we need theirs. Jesus uses us to get His great LOVE and healing into the hearts of others.


Love Always, Nik


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Spiritual Life Coaching or Grief Support. 

I am a certified coach who is here to help you sort through your struggles, make a plan, and live forward with grace. I can teach you: resiliency, mindfulness, and how to navigate through anxiety, stress, and overwhelm in your everyday life. I can guide you on how to live your life from a place of grounded authenticity. I can tell you my personal story of how God rescued me out of the dark and how I personally use God's teachings and love to help me in my everyday life as a Mom, Wife, Daughter,  Sister, Friend, Writer, and Spiritual Mentor. I will never push my personal beliefs or truths onto you. I will lovingly hold your hand while you find your own.  My highly intuitive nature knows how to cater my loving guidance and teachings specifically to you and your personality and beliefs. I have deep compassion, empathy, and love for everybody.....always.

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"I’ve spent the entire evening reading every one of your posts. I think you’re one of the most amazing women I’ve ever read.... never stalked a page like this. Ever. I’m blown away. Keep making beauty in the world. My goodness you deserve so much goodness." 

"There are some people we meet in life that no matter how much we search & try to find words that adequately describe their character, we will never find them because the only place they exist are in the pages of the dictionary that sits on a shelf in heaven where they rightfully belong. One day Nik, I'll open that heavenly dictionary and finally be able to communicate how inspirational you & all you do, truly are." 

"Nik, if you've saved one life... Can you IMAGINE!!! In reality though you have may already have saved MULTIPLE lives with your words!!!!!! HOLY COW!!!! Some heros fight for our country, some heros fight bad guys, some heros fight fires, some heros fight to save lives, some heros just love and make others around them feel better, know they aren't alone, and help them fight to hang on. You may not have a dangerous job that you risk your life on everyday, but with that keyboard of yours you are fighting as hard as any other hero and making a difference in people's lives and in some cases saving them. All because you chose to tell the truth. Nik, you are a true hero. World wide!!! Keep up the great work!!"