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Homeschool E-books

I have so many women ask me, "How do I start homeschooling?" when they find out that I have always homeschooled my kids who are now: 7th and 5th grade. The next question is, "How did you start your own homeschool group?" when they find out another mom and I started our own group in 2015 and it's still going strong. 

So, I created 2 super simple e-books to help inspire, guide, and get you started on your journey!
These little books are the basics that seem so simple but are ever so necessary to start homeschooling and to start your own homeschool group. I hope they help you to feel confident that you can home educate your children and you can build your own community. I've been helping other Mom's for many, many years and I put these basics into these two little 8 page books so I can reach more Mama's hearts who feel the call to home educate their children.

**Cost is a gift to my time putting these together and is not tax deductible. Thank you and God bless!
*These little books do not go into detail about homeschool rules/laws in your state/country.  You will need to look into that on your own. 
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