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Work with me 
Hello! I'm Nik. I'm grateful to meet you. Would you like to work with me? I am a writer who is always on the quest for new adventures and amazing human stories to tell. 

I fell in love with storytelling when my first husband died in 2015 and I fell in love with travel when I was a flight attendant for Northwest Airlines for 6 years. I homeschool my children and wish to inspire other families to go on adventures, explore, and learn about the world hands-on with their kids. I am raising my children to have a deep love of nature and together we love inspiring other kids to get outside to explore, play, learn, touch nature, and maybe even get a little dirty. 

I am in love with photography, food, books, words, animals, and most of all....human stories.

I have over 250,000 followers around the world to my social media pages, blog, and support groups. 
I have people who follow me and write to me  for guidance, support, and to share their stories from all over the globe. Every day I hear from someone in the USA, Europe, South Africa, Asia, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and more. 
If your company, brand, business, or other would like to partner with or sponsor me in my writing, suicide prevention work, or travels you can email me  

Ways we can work together: Brand ambassador, Destination promotion, Product reviews, Advertising, and spreading light and truth about grief/ mental health/suicide globally. 

If you would like to sponsor my work and have your: business, work,  Facebook page or other featured on my website (and shared on my social media pages) that reach over 700,000 people globally each me: 

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