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I will bring my radical authenticity, personal story, shining spirit, and warm soul to your gathering on an intimate and heart-centered level.

Are you and your girlfriends hosting an intimate gathering at one of your homes and want to have me over to give a talk?


I will walk you and your friends through my very personal and heart-wrenching story of losing my first husband to suicide. I will shed light on how I got through and beyond the darkest days of grief, and where I found hope and joy within the storm.


I will share how you can become resilient after any struggle you face, find meaning inside of your suffering, and inspire you to re-enter life with courage, hope, and gratitude.

One beautiful fall day in September of 2015, I got a knock on the door that my husband had killed himself on some family land. We had been married for 9 years and in the next room napping were our children, ages 4 years old and 23 months. I was one month shy of turning 36. This is the day that my entire world shattered and my heart lit on fire. I was 35 years old the day I was widowed.  I have had to rise out of those shattered pieces and put me and my children's lives back together. I am now a Writer, Grief Support Specialist, and Spiritual Mentor.

I remarried in 2019 and moved to Rosemount, Minnesota: Proving to widows everywhere that life and love after loss is possible. 




I can also give talks on:



Hope and Courage

Suicide Loss 

Widowhood & Remarriage 

Trauma & Overcoming

......and I can co-mingle all of this together into one evening depending on what you ask me to talk about. 





If you would like me to be at your next intimate gathering please email:


I am prepared to channel my wisdom to fit your needs.



Head on over to my social media pages and watch some of my videos to get a feel for my wise, loving, and kind-hearted soul. 

Email me to book me at your next women's gathering: 

**Cost depends on location of event** 




"Thank you for your courageous, raw, and unselfish post. You are priceless in a world full of broken-hearted people, shining your light." 


"As of today, I am going to start again. I'm so sorry for your loss, your story touched me like no therapy session or anything I have ever read before ever has." 

"I love how God can use our greatest pain to give us purpose. Your message is so important.
I love what you do." 


"Nik you have a beautiful, positive, genuine, raw, powerful light that shines out from within you."




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