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Life after Widowhood

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Life after widowhood Masterclass presentation.

This is especially fitting for women who have suddenly become widowed and are looking for guidance on life after the loss of their spouse. This is a secular presentation so it is fitting for any woman no matter her personal spiritual beliefs.

I teach other women how to live forward and love their life again after the loss of a spouse. I am a Certified Grief Support Specialist, Spiritual Mentor, and Writer based in Minnesota-USA. I was widowed in 2015 after 9 years of marriage and remarried in 2019.

In this video masterclass I will teach you the 4 transitions of widowhood that helped me to step back into my life after being widowed at 35-years old.


Things can change if and when you do the work to create the winds of change. You can live a beautiful life full of purpose and joy after the death of a spouse. It takes time. It takes self-love.


Let me teach you how I got to the healed and happy version of myself after the death of my first husband in 2015. This is 8 years of personal experience, my grief education as a Certified Grief Support Specialist, and my heart wisdom for living forward as a Spiritual Mentor. This is a secular class for any age of widow who wants a dose of inspiration to step forward onto her unique path.


When I was widowed at age 35 I found a lot of resources about how to heal grief but absolutely nothing about how to heal and live forward. I found nothing about how to step back into my life with grace and joy. I found nothing that encouraged me that I deserved to find a beautiful and meaningful life again. So, I created it to help guide other widows in their journey. I hope it can help you in any small way.


You deserve to love your life again. You deserve to find your path forward into the next chapter of your life. You deserve to laugh and dance and find purpose.

I look forward to sharing my wisdom, experience, prose, knowledge, and poetic heart with you.

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