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Widow, you are allowed to be happy.

Dear widow,

You are allowed to move forward.

Does this mean letting go? Forgetting? Moving on? No.

You are allowed to move forward.

Everyone is going to have their opinion of you moving forward, changing things in your life, and so on. You can't live for their opinions. You can't live to keep others happy. You can't stay living in a past that no longer exists if your soul is nudging you on a new path forward.

You are allowed to be happy.

You are allowed to have dreams.

You are allowed to date.

You are allowed to not date.

You are allowed to change jobs.

You are allowed to go out with friends.

You are allowed to change holiday traditions.

You are allowed to keep traditions the same.

You are allowed to move.

You are allowed to sell your house.

You are allowed to stay where you are.

You are allowed to raise your kids how you want to.

You are allowed to cry.

You are allowed a new relationship.

You are allowed a relaxing vacation.

You are allowed to smile and laugh.

You are allowed to hide under your covers.

You are allowed to get married again.

Dear widow, You are allowed to live your life after loss however you wish to. It's your life. It's your one precious life. Don't let others opinions, thoughts, choices, or even their grief keep you from doing what is best for you and your heart.

You don't need anyone's permission to move forward.

You don't even need this blog post but I know (because I'm one of you) that somedays we really do need the reminder that we are in fact allowed to live our life. We are in fact allowed to follow our hearts and walk the path that we think the universe and God is putting in front of us. We are allowed to dissapoint others because we can't make everyone happy.

Step forward with self-love.

Step forward with a brave heart.

Step forward with courage and excitement. You are allowed to be excited and happy about new paths in our life.

You are allowed to show others that humans are resilient and that we can bury a spouse and keep their love and memory in our hearts forever all while living in this present moment.

You are allowed to be happy.

Love always, Nik

Life after widowhood masterclass:

Let me teach you the 4 transitions of widowhood that helped me to heal and live forward after being widowed in 2015 after 9 years of marriage (12 years together and 2 kids). I got remarried in 2019 and I teach other women how to heal, find purpose, and build a new life with joy and grace.


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